Dear Pope Francis

On one hand, I applaud your chastisement of “cult of money” perpetuated by wealthy global corporations that exploit vulnerable people for love of money and huge profits.  On the other hand, I have to say that I am deeply disturbed by the Catholic Church’s willingness to turn a cold, blind eye and support pedophiles like the one that abused me when I was a little girl and turned me into “expendable goods.”

In essence, I find it a strange hypocrisy that berates greed and tyranny by others, yet fights tooth and nail to avoid losing even a tiny portion of one of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful fortunes to poor expendable victims like myself.  While monetary compensation will in no way come close to the recovery of staggering losses that are irretrievable, it will go a long way to ensuring a sense of personal safety and tremendous satisfaction in knowing that decades of pain and suffering weren’t for naught.  Compensation will go a long way to helping provide funds to true SANCTUARIES that heal the soul and teach valuable lessons lost while trying to survive abusive childhoods.

Make no mistake-  What I experienced from the second grade until the fifth grade primed my life for years of abuse at the hands of others.  It took me until I was in my late thirties to understand the concept of personal boundaries and that I had a right to defend them.  Father O’Grady taught me very well what I assumed was my only worth as a human being.  For nearly twenty years I mistakenly believed my only valuable asset was in providing “narcissistic supply” to others who are sociopathic in nature.  In other words, if only I GAVE, I would RECEIVE (however warped) the love and affection that I craved.

While I am in a safe place now, nothing can ever undo the damage that the Catholic Church did to my life by allowing a monster to exploit me.  Like any other greedy and tyrannical corporate entity, the Church stole my childhood, my education, and my dreams of a bright and shiny future.

I look forward to your reply.


Another O’Grady Victim