Dennis Rodman Is A Traitor!!!!!!

The more I read about the close friendship between Former NBA star Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-Un, the more I think Mr. Rodman deserves to have his Hall of Fame status revoked, and be required to return his championship rings.  This man has no shame in proclaiming that a vile, evil dictator guilty of torture and murder is his “friend for life.”  He also actually thinks Jong-Un is an “awesome” guy.  Psssssst…….get a clue, Dennis….bullies are NOT cool or “awesome,” or haven’t you got the memo?

“He’s my friend for life. I don’t care what you guys think about him. I don’t give a s… what the world thinks about him, but he’s my friend,” Rodman said.

Dennis Rodman sounds like a bratty little boy defending and encouraging the schoolyard bully.  Jong-Un, seems to me, is the kind of person who likes to pull the wings off of flies and kick warm, furry puppies.  The featured images are  a symbol of what your “friend for life” stands for, Dennis Rodman.  In other words, your “awesome guy” starves babies so that he can eat the best food money can buy.  Your awesome guy starves babies so that he can drink fine cognac, just like his selfish father did.  Your “awesome guy” starves babies so that he can wear three thousand dollar suits that his people manufacture through slave labor and torture.

Dennis Rodman, you and your “awesome guy” make me sick to my stomach.  Your “awesome guy” contributes NOTHING to the planet except negativity, death, and cruelty.  You are not creators- you are worthless destroyers and an evil blight upon the human species.

Personally, I think Dennis Rodman does not deserve to come back to the United States.  Simply put?  Because he does not value the lives and personal freedoms of others………Dennis Rodman does not deserve to be a citizen of a free country.  As far as I am concerned Dennis Rodman is a perfect match for Kim Jong Un and they should be together forever.


Trayvon Martin & The Eloquence Of Romany Malco

I nominate Romany Malco for President in 2016.

What he said……………

Everyone should strive to be as brilliant……….I could not have said it better myself!  If EVERYONE would stop being sheeple, the world would be a better place.  I did not plan to use celebrities to further my blog, but, if you can’t beat ’em……join ’em.  That is……join ’em when they are saying something socially responsible and relevant to the entire human race- not just a particular race.

As far as I’m concerned, our nation is in serious trouble when thugs, drug addicts, misogynists, and teen mothers are made into celebrities.  It is truly disgusting that a girl of sixteen in Iowa gets her own reality show for being an unwed mother who by virtue of her inexperience and immaturity will probably fuck up the life of her child.  How will she accomplish this?  By forcing her child to endure the taunts, cruelty, and trauma that is inevitable by having a mother who made a sex tape with a porn star.  I feel like vomiting that certain people in this country find this entertaining.  Thank you MTV……your detrimental contribution to society is duly noted.  Let’s give hormonal, impulsive teenagers a reason to not practice safe sex. ……let’s just make them famous for being stupid and irresponsible.  But- that’s MEDIA for you………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh…..and by the way?  I loved Weeds.  Marijuana is NOT “drugs.”  Marijuana is THE wonder drug.  Chemicals are NEVER better than what the bounty of the earth provides.