Toddler Gangstas

It was with a great deal of concern and a small dose of humor that I came upon this article:

Why on earth would anyone be intimidated by this adorable little girl?  Hmmmmm……I don’t know……….perhaps because destructive behavior in children is at the very least a symptom of boredom?  At the worst, destructive behavior is an early indicator of anger and lack of empathy for others and other peoples property (i.e. OPP).  If not nipped in the bud, “destructive tendencies” in children becomes conduct disorder in teens.  Conduct Disorder is a precursor to…..wait for it…….here it comes……adult ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOR!

In the U.S, a child under 18 cannot be diagnosed as having Anti-Social Personality Disorder.  This is because children’s personalities are still forming and it is still not too late to get them help.  So, you see, the issue with Miss Caidence Leadbitter’s destructive behavior is purely semantics- for now.  As she gets older, as long as her important female role model condones and makes excuses for her, she has no clue about how to start behaving like a pro-social young lady.

Rather than feel outrage and upset that their children be called out on their destructive tendencies, the parents of these children would serve their kids and society better by explaining to said kids that they should NOT trample plants, damage trees, or do any other harmful thing to OPP, or (most especially) to living organisms.  Unless the light bulb comes on and these parents understand that damage to ANY property is NOT socially acceptable, continued BAD BEHAVIOR as an adult CAN and WILL be labeled as Anti-Social!

My take on the situation is that these kids are a) bored b) lack empathy c) lack proper supervision d) are mean and cruel to living organisms……PERIOD!  To be fair, these kids ARE just kids and as such, still have a chance to change their behaviors.  However, on the other hand, their parents need not be derelict in their duties as role models; they need to chastise and teach these little girls that the destruction of property is always WRONG whether it is in their own yard, or otherwise.  Getting outraged and making light of a child’s WILLFUL DESTRUCTIVENESS is IGNORANT-  no matter how you try to spin it.

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