Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

There are some that believe bullying and aggressive behaviors against others are merely Darwin’s theory of evolution in effect.  In a nutshell? I understand this philosophy to broadly mean that people of advantage are more evolved than people of disadvantage.

Personally, my theory of evolution and survival of the fittest are based on the intangible.  In a nutshell?  Evolution on an emotional, intellectual, and spiritual level are more accurate to what the true meaning of evolution should be.

Emotionally- we should feel compassion and empathy for others.  Intellectually- we should strive to learn where we are ignorant or uninformed.  Spiritually- we should realize that the human race is very, very, VERY small in that not a single person alive is any “bigger” or “better” than the other in the grand scope of the UNIVERSE.

If a person can’t evolve past the point of bullying, aggression, and other primitive behaviors then they are little more than a neanderthal.  We all know what happened to neanderthals.  They went the way of dinosaurs and other extinct species………